5 Expert Tips To Give Your Meal A Nutritional Boost

Here Are 5 Expert Tips To Give Your Meal A Nutritional Boost:

  1. For Better Immunity

The journey to better nutrition through enhanced immunity is just a few ingredients away. There are a number of immunity-boosting spices that can be added to the diet. Consultant Nutritionist Ishi Khosla recommends, “We should include immunity-boosting food like aloe vera, tulsi and coconut oil in our diet. One must replace sugar with low calorie sweeteners and keep hydrating!”

llishodgAloe vera is a great ingredient powerpacked with nutrients.

  1. Lesser Meals, More Nutrition

Another idea that experts suggest is to cut down the number of meals in a day, but to ensure that each meal is packed nutritionally. This is specially important in the hot summer months when we largely stay indoors. “When our movements get curtailed, our appetite falls but cravings increase. We shouldn’t give in to those cravings and ensure that our intake is instead replaced by healthier, more nutritious foods,” explains Khosla.

  1. Chutney: The Natural Health Supplement

There is a reason behind the lip-smacking chutneys and pickles that our grandmothers and mothers make. Apart from putting a delicious spin to our meals, the chutneys also function as a natural health supplement due to their high nutrient value. Make a rejuvenating green chutney with herbs like mint, coriander etc and revitalise your senses.

tjcgrmtoA single serving of chutney can work wonders for your diet.

  1. Probiotics Are Essential

Dal, roti and sabzi are one of the key components of a complete Indian meal. These balance out each other and are completely satisfying and fulfilling. However, the addition of probiotics is also integral to having a nutritious meal. Whether it is dahi, or some delicious masala chaas, try and incorporate these healthy gut bacteria in your daily diet.

  1. More Vegetables And Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are key to our diet, but very often they cease to be part of our meals. Fun ways to include these nutrient powerhouses in our diet includes making a healthy salad, or even incorporating fruits and veggies in your dahi in the form of a delicious raita. Top up your khichdi or dali preparation with some chopped, sauteed vegetables. Similarly for fruits – celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija says, “There’s no time limit for good nutrition. You can enjoy your fruits anytime of the day. Your digestive system is always prepared to absorb the nutrients from fruits whenever you decide to eat them.”

Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija also said that the ultimate goal to make meals nutritionally dense is to lose weight. “Eat to lose weight. Eating small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism stable and supports the calorie burning process. If you keep large gaps then you will land up having large meals, always remember if you will eat the right food at the right time, you can easily say no to the wrong food especially at the wrong time,” concluded Makhija.
Happy World Nutrition Day 2020!

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